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Patel Residence


Kengeri, Bangalore






Residential Architecture

Located in Bangalore, the facade of this G+4 residential project has been designed in a way that is in accordance with the context and also gives a feeling of opulence. The general aesthetic of the facade follows a contemporary minimal style with straight clean lines and neutral colour palette of muted and neutral shades of greys, beiges and browns. The materiality followed includes the use of  Kota stone cladding, black rough stucco plaster, and grey textured stone.

The facade has been designed to allow for the interplay of the volumes through open, semi-open and closed spaces and the variation in the materiality. The fenestrations have been treated minimally with black metal accents and also allows for maximum lighting. The sunshade has been incorporated as an element of design here, which along with the contemporary design of jaali and grillwork brings in a dramatic play of light and shadow.

The design looks at breaking the verticality of the structure with materials used to accentuate the horizontal bands formed with each floor. The essence of the structure is still brought in through the vertical striations of the wall cladding. The floor slab materiality, thickness and lengths also creates the illusion of volumes being pushed and pulled out to create multiple points of interest.

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