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Eff N Bee


Koramangala, Bangalore


Somasundaram Chok




Commercial Interiors

Eff n BEE is one of the leading suppliers of all crockery and cutlery to the FnB industry in the city. They got in touch with us when they decided to convert a part of their office space into a retail showroom. With design, we have a combination of retention of existing well done pieces, renovation of individual units as well as designing and building of new displays for the space.

The entire area has been designed in a manner that not only highlights the products but also engages the customers to journey through them in an organized fashion which is easier to perceive and understand. The shelving systems have been designed to specifically cater to the clients’ range of products, wherein the hierarchy of these product categories is brought in through the variation in the design of these display systems. These shelves also act as partitions which physically divide the space but still provide visual connectivity.  The materiality of warm wood used with chic brass accents lends a luxe ambience to the store, while also acting as elements that unite the designs of these shelving systems. The circulation and the lighting was completely redesigned to suit the requirement of the display and space, and colours and patterns kept muted and minimal, to allow for the products to shine.

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